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Hundreds of new photos and dozens of hot new video clips - these are the ones you have been e-mailing asking to see!! *NOW UPDATED 3-4 TIMES PER WEEK* We have also started her superhero story series - you are going to love learning about her complicated, secret persona. There are so many new photos that we have not had time to show them all here, but most of the new video updates are listed below.

On this page you will be able to keep track of the latest updates to Dani's VIP Member area and see previews of coming attractions. If you have any requests or challenges, and you are a member, e-mail Danielle or post your suggestion at her back stage forum.


*NEW PHOTOS* Sultry Red Rug Curve Display Part One (35 Photos)
This ultra-curvy lingerie layout with red everywhere is courtesy of photographer David Kippen. Click here for a Larger Sample Shot.


*NEW VIDEOS* Furry Squeeze Practice
Danielle puts on a show with her legendary quads and calves, squeezing some very cute members of her stuffed animal collection. (still shots to come)

*NEW PHOTOS* Taking the New York Floor (26 Photos)
Danielle takes control of the floor at the Embassy Suites in Manhattan, the day before competing at the NPC National Figure championships. The shoot is courtesy of Annie at Muscle Angels. Click here for a Larger Sample Shot.

*NEW PHOTOS* Seriously Jacked - Part 4 (33 Photos)
Dani's big and ripped series continues, this time in a long sleeve shirt and a red and white football jersey. Several bonus up-close face shots so you can get lost in the baby blues, and a forearm vascularity display.

*NEW PHOTOS* Two Piece Gym Glamour Part One (29 Photos)
Photographer Steve Wennerstrom captures Danielle in her two piece posing suit, at a gym in the San Diego area. Physique perfection! Click for a Larger Sample Shot.
*NEW - STORY WITH PHOTOS* Playground Punishment (Part Two)
Danielle dishes out more hidden justice, while at the same time turning the whole incident into an amusing routine for the children in the park. The brutal but necessary grand finale! Warning - Adults Only.

*NEW VIDEOS* Contest Shape Daisy Dukes
More of Danielle in contest shape during the summer of 2008 - this time in Daisy Duke cutoff shorts and a tube top.

*NEW PHOTOS* Loft Window Silhouettes (13 Photos)
Unique black and white silhouette photos with Danielle in a window in Columbus, Ohio. The Photographer is JP Erickson. Click for a Larger Sample Shot.

*NEW - STORY WITH PHOTOS* Desiree's Defense (Part Two)
Desiree enjoys the aftermath of Matt's punishment, as Danielle starts experimenting with a "probation system" to make sure everyone she trains has truly learned the intended lesson. Warning - Adults Only.

*NEW PHOTOS* Mirror Mirror on the Wall (21 Photos)
Classy and artistic mirror shots with superb abdominal and leg angles, in this sexy shoot you can't find anywhere else. Vascularity, quads and abs!! Click for a Larger Sample Shot. Warning - Adults Only.

*NEW VIDEOS* Atlantic Ocean
These videos are from behind the scenes at a beach photo shoot on the Atlantic Ocean, with photographer Michael Palmer from the UK. You'll like these angles even more than the ones in the photos! Eight videos with extra-long footage. Warning - Adults Only.

*NEW PHOTOS* Hardfitness Tan and Tight (34 Photos)
Danielle's legs are especially pronounced in this gray pleated school girl skirt. These photos were taken at the Arnold after she spray tanned at the Jan Tana booth, so Danielle is very dark. Leg close-ups! The photographer is Juan Carlos Lopez. Click for a Larger Sample Shot.

*NEW VIDEOS* Playing with Smoke
This set of videos with Danielle smoking is via request from a fan in France. Bonus footage of cutie American pit bull terrier "Bleau."

*STORY WITH PHOTOS* Desiree's Defense (Part One)
Danielle learns more about her ability to mentally flash on people and see their future criminal acts, and uses the information to step in and protect her cheerleader friend Desiree from her boyfriend!! Matt was a football player who has been pressuring Desiree to go too far, each time in a more aggressive manner. Now he is a completely changed man. Click Here for a story excerpt. Warning - Adults Only.

*NEW VIDEOS* Halloween Burn
Danielle went a little overboard as she started her tanning in preparation for the National Figure Championships, and she ended up with a bitty sun burn. Here she is on Halloween after a lotion application, with some back flexing for fun.

*NEW PHOTOS* Seriously Jacked - Part 3 (17 Photos)
Part three of this series has Danielle busting out in one of those long sleeve football under-shirts. Click for a Larger Sample Shot.

*NEW PHOTOS* Superhero Stills (22 Photos)
This ultra-hot photo set is the first utilized in the development of Danielle's photographic comic superhero character. She is wearing a revealing fishnet outfit and hits some unusual poses!! Thanks to photographer George Vincent. Click for a Larger Sample Shot.

*STORY WITH PHOTOS* Playground Punishment (Part One)
When Dani was little she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and become a cop or a crime scene investigator, but it was just too much for her to see the aftermath of horrible acts, especially in the special victims division. So she decided to become a vigilante, determined to stop crimes before they happen by doling out her unique form of rehabilitation of bodies and minds. Follow along in volume one as she learns to utilize her skills while maintaining her secret identity, this time with a skateboarding champion at the park who *she* thinks spends a little too much time staring at little kids. Warning - Adults Only.

*PHOTOS* Stunning Black Dress Part One (23 Photos)
Nobody makes the traditional black dress look better than Danielle in contest shape, at the Junior USA's host hotel in Charleston. The photographer is TomNine. Click for a Larger Sample Shot.

*PHOTOS* Manhattan on the Rocks (26 Photos)
This shoot is courtesy of Annie at Muscle Angels, and features Danielle at the Embassy Suites in southern Manhattan the day before she competed at the NPC Team Universe. She has incredible vascularity and is ripped just before she finishes carbing up and filling out for the show. Join her in front of the rocks!

*PHOTOS* Seriously Jacked - Part Two (33 Photos)
By request, here is more of Danielle in her biggest and most ripped condition, about a month before a competition and part of one of our favorite shoots ever. This time she is in the gym wearing her "Boy Beater" tank top. You must see this one!! Click for a Larger Sample Shot.

*VIDEOS* Bootyful at the Chicago Bean
Danielle was in contest shape when she decided to do a video shoot at the Chicago "Bean" in Millennium Park .... in bootyless pants. She had to outsmart the Segway cops for this one but it was worth it! Bonus footage after being forced "underground" to the parking garage.

*PHOTOS* Seriously Jacked - Part One (26 Photos)
There's no doubt that Danielle knows her own body as well as she knows training and nutrition, and she's able to put her genetics to work and go from off-season to seriously muscular in a matter of weeks. This is the first photo set in an amazing series showcasing Dani at her most jacked - muscular, full and vascular. Outfit one is a tight white sun dress. Click for a Larger Sample Shot.

*VIDEOS* Contest Shape After Pool Fun
This is a continuation of the 2008 Junior USA's pool series after Danielle gets out of the raft to pose and ... change clothes.


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Here are some of the updates from the Fall of 2008 .... if you haven't seem them yet they are new to you!!

*SPECIAL VIDEOS* Dani's Secret Superhero Side
Danielle has been working on two DVD projects that highlight her acting skills, and in one she plays an ultra-sexy, dominant, and beautiful superhero. In real life Dani is as sweet as can be, but watch out when she gets upset and that cute look of determination appears on her face!! This big guy rubs her the wrong way by being mean to her dog, while she is in "superhero filming mode" - big mistake. She had just taken out five people in a movie scene, what's one bodybuilder to a superhero? The footage is secret and for members only so we are not showing many stills, but Danielle is even more powerful than she looks ... there's no cheesiness here this is real and both of these guys (including someone who stepped in to aid the first jerk) are in a world of hurt.

*PHOTOS* Straddling the Tracks (44 Photos)
Danielle straddles both sides of the Tampa tracks wearing orange at dusk, in this sultry photo set taken in late May 2008. The photographer is Tampa-based Danny Fittro.

*VIDEOS* 2008 NPC Junior USA Contest Shape Pool Raft
Physique athletes often look their best the day after a show - tan, full, and still ripped. Danielle is no exception and here she is relaxing and flexing out by the pool after the Junior USA's. The camera angles accentuate her amazing lines.

*PHOTOS* Danielle as a Teenage Superstar (33 Photos)
This is a special photo update showing Danielle as an 18 and 19-year old figure competitor, when she was winning shows all over the State of Florida but had not yet competed nationally. This is in addition to a major update to her free personal photo gallery.

*VIDEOS* NPC Junior USA's Stage Video and Ultimate Abdominals
Danielle competed at the 2008 NPC Junior USA Figure Championships in Charleston, and here you will find stage video and some behind the scenes abdominals video on Thursday before the show.

*VIDEOS* Danielle and Friends at the 2008 Arnold
This is a series of guest star videos featuring Danielle and her friends including Lindsey Cope, Ali Huston, Erin Riley and el-stupido Allison Moyer. Most of these incredible athletes represent hard core figure (or fitness). Join them for an intense "show-off" workout in the gym and then follow them as they make the rounds at the Expo.

*PHOTOS* Outdoor Fun and Lift and Carry with Lynn
Danielle was a few weeks out from her show when she decided to have some outdoor fun with her model friend Lynn. Glamour, hide and seek, and lift and carry.

*VIDEOS* Big Back Training
These videos prove two things that we already know - Dani is hard core in the gym and she remains defined and ripped even when she's bigger in the off-season. You will really enjoy these clips, which cover several minutes of her always intense back workout.

*VIDEOS* Back Stage Pump and Oil at the USA's
See Danielle back stage at the USA Figure Championships in Las Vegas, in this series of pump-up, bikini bite and tanning touch-up videos. Dani is ripped and ready, and gets some finishing touches from fellow Tampa figure competitor, the beautiful Brandie Gardner.

*VIDEOS* Danielle in the Ultimate Off-Season Collection
These videos are officially our favorites, so much so that it was almost impossible to choose from the video stills to show you here. If you appreciate Dani's incredibly unique combination of muscle, conditioning, long muscle bellies, tiny joints, perfect skin and cover girl looks then these will be your favorites too. Danielle is carrying a lot of off-season muscle, she is bulging out everywhere and you can see her in several outfits including a lace dress and a tight-sleeved top. There are several hot tub scenes as well.

*VIDEOS* Ironman Pro Public Posing - Part Two
Camera phones were popping as Danielle attracted a huge crowd while shooting outside the Ironman Fit Expo in Pasadena. See a ton of bonus video from a second camera, that takes you behind the scenes during the photo portion of the shoot. Also available in high resolution and HD.

*VIDEOS* Danielle Off-Season Football and Chicago Posing and Candids
Danielle was a high school and college cheerleader and she's a big football fan, watch your favorite Florida girl in big and muscular early 2008 off-season shape as she poses in a jersey, does cardio with some cute extras, and braves the Chicago winter.

*VIDEOS* On Location at Ambassador University
Watch Danielle show her softer fitness model side at a photo shoot on location at beautiful Ambassador University in Pasadena, California.

*VIDEOS* Tricep Pump, Pose and then Power Shop
Nothing stops Danielle from hitting the gym, even when the airline lost her luggage temporarily .... so after a super hard core tricep workout she goes for some power shopping. Dani looks beautiful no matter what she is doing, watch her pick out clothes and pose with her post-workout pump!



A Few Samples from Dani's Extensive VIP Video Archive Collection ....







“Window Silhouettes” by JP Erickson Photos
Danielle posed for JP Erickson of HerFlexAppeal.com the day after competing at the Arnold Amateur Figure Competition in March 2007. This is part two of her silhouette work with him.
“Pool Shark” (Part 2) Photo Update You know now that you never stood a chance against her, right? Now that she’s taken the table what will she do with it? Find out in the conclusion to this ultra-sexy photo series with Dan Ray of www.BuffBunnies.com.

If you subscribe to BuffBunnies, be sure to start out by clicking on the BuffBunnies banner on Danielle’s link page so you can assist her with her 2007 competition costs

Chicago Loft Lingerie Photo Update
This photo shoot is one of Danielle’s all-time favorites, in sexy lingerie with photographer Jim Warren at a loft in Chicago. The photos were taken the day after her fourth place finish at the Junior National Championships, when she was very hard and full.

Junior USA’s GeneX Photo Update
Since you will soon be seeing pictures of Danielle competing at the Junior USA Championships in Charleston, we thought it might be fun to take a look at some photos taken the previous year. Danielle placed third in figure tall, only a couple points out of second place, and looks to improve on that placing.

Thanks to GeneX of FTVideo.com for these pictures.

Laguna Beach Sunset Photo Update See even more shots from Danielle’s sexiest shoot ever, at sunset on beautiful Laguna Beach. Thanks to Thomas Oed of www.impactfoto.com for these photos

“Silhouettes” by JP Erickson Photo Update
Danielle posed for JP Erickson of HerFlexAppeal.com the day after competing at the Arnold Amateur Figure Competition.

“Pool Shark”Photo Set Update : She walks in wearing a gold one piece that barely covers her body of perfection …. You’ve held the table for a while but do you think you stand a chance against her, or will she take control? Find out in this ultra-sexy photo shoot with Dan Ray of BuffBunnies.com

VIP Training and Nutrition Page Update : Check out Danielle’s latest measurements added to her VIP Training page, as well as her first workout demonstration video. She doesn’t just show you the basic exercises like everyone else, she draws upon her wealth of expertise to show you something new!

Thomas Oed Photo Set Update: This is a large update from Danielle’s sexiest shoot ever, at sunset on beautiful Laguna Beach. Thanks to Thomas Oed of www.impactfoto.com for these photos.

Photo Set Update: More of Danielle pool side at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, in a hot red bikini. She is in perfect contest shape the day after placing fourth in figure tall at the Junior Nationals!! These photos are from Gene Carangal of www.ImagesofVenus.com.
SheMuscle Photo Set Update: More from Danielle's SheMuscle.com morning workout the day after the National Figure Championships!

You can help Danielle with her competition costs by subscribing to SheMuscle.com via the banner on her links page

Photo Set Update: "Pretty in Pink:" This pink athletic wear really accentuates Danielle's calves and arms in this late summer shoot at World Gym in Lake Forest, California. Thanks to Steve Wennerstrom of Women's Physique World.


Photo Set Update: Legs, Legs, Legs!! .... Danielle is known for her leg development, built on top of a foundation that came from years of dance and gymnastics. Here she is with a close-up look in a continuation of the black lingerie shoot at the James Hotel in Chicago. Thanks to Jim Warren.

SheMuscle Photo Set Update: Danielle rolls out of bed the day after competing at the National Figure Championships and immediately hits the gym, presenting her natural beauty for the camera. These photos were taken after Danielle arguably came in at her hardest and most ripped ever at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York. Thanks to Brian Moss of SheMuscle.com.

You can help Danielle with her competition costs by subscribing to SheMuscle.com via the banner on her links page.

Photo Set Update: See Danielle pool side at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, in a hot red bikini. She is in perfect contest shape the day after placing fourth in figure tall at Junior Nationals!! These photos are from Gene Carangal of www.ImagesofVenus.com.
VIP Video Page Launched : Video page is launched with over 500 megabytes in 22 video clips, including footage taken at the Arnold Invitational, Junior USA Championships, and National Figure Championships.
Photo Set Update: Behind the scenes backstage with Danielle at the North American Championships, where she was possibly in the best shape of her young career. Thanks to John Nafpliotis of Women's Physique World
Photo Set Update: Photographer Jim Warren captures Danielle looking stunning dressed in black at a James Hotel suite in Chicago. See Jim Warren's web site at www.vegasalien.com.
Photo Set Update: Danielle poses for John Nafpliotis of Women's Physique World in Cleveland, Ohio .... a day after her fourth place finish at the North American Championships you can see her in a white bikini at a body fat of less than five percent!


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