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I'm currently a women's physique competitor in the NPC (National Physique Committee), targeting at least one of two national shows for competition in the late summer and fall of 2015. Those shows are the IFBB North American Physique Championships in Pittsburgh and the NPC National Physique Championships in Miami.

  IFBB North American Physique Championships
  Date:  September 3-5, 2015
  Info:  North Americans Website

  NPC National Physique Championships
  Date:  November 20-21, 2015
  Info:  Nationals Website

I will be doing one or more local shows in Florida before I compete at the national level, since this will be my first time competing in the physique division after switching over from figure. I have *not yet* selected a show, but it will be a national qualifier of course ... and here is the schedule on the Florida NPC Website.

If you have any suggestions on a Florida show, especially if you are a fellow "Sister of Iron" or a promoter, I would love to hear from you at danifit@daniellerouleau.com!!

                Danielle Rouleau relaxing at a show

     Danielle Rouleau competition photo
  Five Women's Divisions in the NPC / IFBB
  The National Physique Committee (NPC) is the amateur domestic United States arm of the particular organization
  in which I compete, while the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) is the professional and international
  organization. National amateur shows award pro cards to athletes so that they can turn pro. Here is a
  basic primer on the various divisions in the NPC and IFBB, as demonstrated by a top competitor in each.

Alina Popa
Oksana Grishina
Gina Aliotti
Amanda Latona
female bodybuilder Alina Popa
fitness competitor Oksana Grishina
figure competitor Gina Aliotti
bikini competitor Amanda Latona

  My Division - NPC Women's Physique
  And here are some of the top IFBB professionals (pro card holders) in the Physique division, which is between
  bodybuilding and figure as far as muscularity. I've packed on a considerable amount of muscle since I last
  competed in figure, and these incredible athletes represent what I currently aspire to be, an IFBB physique pro.

IFBB Physique Pro Tycie Coppett
IFBB Physique Pro Karina Nascimento
IFBB Physique Pro Autumn Swansen
IFBB Physique Pro Dana Linn Bailey
Tycie Coppett
Karina Nascimento
Autumn Swansen
Dana Linn Bailey

  The Teenage Competition Years
  I started competing as a teenager, soon after my high school cheerleading career ended and I started working
  as a personal trainer in Tampa. Some of my early shows (I was in the figure tall division, which usually
  includes everyone who is 5'6" and up) included first place wins at the NPC Florida Gold Cup, the NPC Tampa
  Bay Classic, and the NPC South Florida Championships. I was also runner up at the NPC Junior Florida
  and the NPC Southern States. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the teenage years, just click on each
  for a larger version. The photo on the far left is from one of my very first shows (I placed third in the Tampa
  Bay Classic and the Lakeland Classic when I first hit the stage).

Danielle Rouleau NPC South Florida
Danielle Rouleau NPC Gold Cup
Danielle Rouleau NPC Gold Cup
Danielle Rouleau NPC Gold Cup
Danielle Rouleau NPC Gold Cup
Danielle Rouleau NPC Gold Cup

  The National Level Figure Competition Years
  When I began competing I was in the NPC figure division, in the tall class which was usually for competitors
  over the height of 5'6". At the national level I came close to winning my pro card a few times, with top two
  or three finishes at the NPC Junior USA's, the NPC Junior Nationals and the IFBB North American
  Championships. This was primarily because at certain shows the look for figure athletes was more hard core,
  carrying a lot of muscle and dieting down to look hard and carry very low levels of body fat on stage. At
  other shows, conditioning and visible muscle was discouraged. With my athletic background, putting on muscle
  has always been relatively easy. Now that there is a physique division between figure and bodybuilding,
  that's a great fit for me. So upward and onward from here, in the women's physique division! Here are some
  of my favorite photos from my national level figure competitions (click on each for the larger version).

Danielle Rouleau NPC Junior USA's in Charleston
Danielle Rouleau NPC Junior USA's in Charleston
Danielle Rouleau NPC Junior USA's in Charleston
Danielle Rouleau NPC Junior USA's in Charleston
Danielle Rouleau NPC Junior USA's in Charleston


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