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Welcome! How about we begin by getting the basics out of the way - the stats?

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Full name:  Danielle Rouleau (“Dani”)
Occupation:   Top Level NPC Physique Competitor, Fitness Model, and Personal Trainer
Birthday:  October 14th
Current City:  Sarasota, Florida
Home Town:  Riverview, Florida (near Tampa)
Height:  5'6-3/4"
Weight:  140 - 145 (competition), 160 - 170 (off-season)
Measurements:  36-23-34
Shoe:  8.5    Dress:  3-5
Hair:  Brown with blonde highlights
Eyes:  Blue
Siblings:  Sister (Rachel) and Brother (Ben)
Pets:  Layla (boxer), Gracie and Zeus (chihuahuas), Paoli (Malt-chi), various offspring (see below)
Started weight training:  Age 15
Started competing:  Age 17
Training gyms:  Snap Fitness (Sarasota), Stroud's (Texas) and XSport Fitness (Illinois)
Athletic background:  Dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading
Strongest muscle groups:  Quads, shoulders and core
Hobbies:  Working out, shopping, traveling, the beach, walking the pups
Favorite music:  Country and hip-hop
Favorite TV shows:  Rizzoli & Isles, Bordertown Laredo, The League
Favorite diet food:  Farina with Splenda
Favorite cheat food:  Mint Ice Cream with Sprinkles
Facebook Fan Page ("like"):  http://www.facebook.com/daniphysique
Role models in fitness:  Jamie Kovac, Julie Lohre, Marnie Holley, and many more!
Contest Federation:  National Physique Committee ("NPC")
Division in 2015:  NPC Women's Physique Tall



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